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Nursing Homes In Dayton

There are a lot of nursing homes in Dayton, Ohio. The Arbors at Dayton are on Albany Street. It is not located in a hospital and there are both family and resident councils.

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Carriage Inn administers a blood bank for nonresidents as well as onsite clinical laboratory services for residents. They also offer dental and dietary services. Not many nursing homes do this.

The Auburn Hills Healthcare Center is on Dorothy Lane in Kettering. This is one of the nursing homes in Dayton that has skilled and intermediate care and short and long term rehabilitation.

Carriage Inn of Dayton is one of many long-term nursing homes in Ohio. I liked this place because of all of the activities and services provided onsite to residents.

Crestview Manor is another one of the nursing homes that I’ve looked at recently. My mother would love the activities department at this place. She would also enjoy that this is one of the only nursing homes that actually encourages residents to decorate their rooms.

There are a high number of nursing homes operating in Dayton, Ohio. I’ve been trying to see one every other day so that I can decide with a fair amount of research behind me.

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Friendship Village is another one of the nursing homes that I really liked. I almost didn’t stop by to see their facility because I was bothered by the elderly lady in a photograph on the Friendship Village homepage that depicted her with a huge grin and a giant ice cream cone.



I’m glad that I did decide to visit Friendship Village.

Of all of the nursing homes that I have visited, Friendship Village had the nicest grounds. I could tell that they took great pride in the appearance of their facility. When I stopped by, it was a nice day and there were several people reading under a large tree.

How to get an international nursing job.

If you want to work overseas as a nurse you really need to do your research first and you’ll need to be motivated as well! Some things to consider when seeking your overseas nursing job include:

Your Nursing Experience
Your Knowledge of the Language
Researching Healthcare Recruiters
Your Nursing Registration

Web sites of Nursing Licensing Boards of Selected Countries:
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Nursing Council of New Zealand
Singapore Nursing Board
Australian Nursing Council
South African Nursing Council