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Overseas Nursing Jobs and Careers - Choosing A Nursing School
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Choosing A Nursing School

I’ve been applying to nursing school recently. I’ve put applications in to several programs and am just waiting to hear back from them with their response.

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I don’t really know what field I’m ultimately interested in, I just know that I want to go to nursing school. I figure that if I have a particular aptitude, it will show up during class.

The practical nursing program at the nursing school at Herzing College in Birmingham, Alabama looks nice. I like Birmingham and could see myself living there while I study.

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The child and teen nursing program at the nursing school at Arizona State sounds interesting. I’ve been to Tempe before and I really like it there. I know that it is hot, but I’ve lived in Texas all my life and I think that I can handle it.

The University of California San Francisco nursing school has two programs that look good. They have one program for pediatric nursing and another for mental health nursing. I think that I might like one of those fields of nursing.

Geriatric nursing is not going to suit me, I don’t think. I read about the program for geriatric nursing at The University of Colorado at Denver nursing school website. It looks very comprehensive, but I feel no call toward geriatric nursing school programs.

Cognitive therapy is taught at the nursing school for the University of Delaware. They also teach a registered nurse refresher course that I obviously don’t need, yet!

What I have found is that there is a nursing school for every discipline and that all I really have to do is decide what state and town I like best. The nursing school I choose will probably work out just fine.

The greater considerations for me when it comes to nursing school include climate, population and community events. I liked to live places where there are community events to participate in. I would also like to find a nursing school that is near a large Unitarian Universalist congregation.

Web sites of Nursing Licensing Boards of Selected Countries:

If you want to work overseas as a nurse you really need to do your research first and you’ll need to be motivated as well! Here are some excellent sites to start with:
Irish Nursing Board (An Bord Altranais)
Nursing Council of New Zealand
Singapore Nursing Board
Australian Nursing Council
South African Nursing Council

Quick Facts: Florence Nightingale Founder Of Nursing

Before modern times, nuns and the military often provided nursing services. Evidence of the religious and military roots of modern nursing remain today. In Britain, senior female nurses are still known as "Sisters".

In recent times, the United States and Canada still have many nurses flowing back into working in religious fields through "Parish Nursing".

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