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Overseas Nursing Jobs and Careers - Psychiatric Nursing
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What is Psychiatric Nursing?

Psychiatric nursing can be broken down in to two classifications as determined by difficulty andor level of attention required: basic and advanced.

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Basic psychiatric nursing includes working with families, individuals, communities, groups and assessing mental health needs from development of a nursing diagnosis and plan for nursing care to implantation of the plan and constant evaluation of the nursing care that is provided.

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Psychiatric Nursing Jobs

Basic level psychiatric nursing care is characterized by interventions that sustain and promote physical and mental health as well as assist clients to improve or regain their coping abilities and skills and to prevent future disability.

Basic level psychiatric nurses are more likely to assist patients with self care, as well as monitor and administer psychobiologic treatment plans. Basic psychiatric nursing care may also include teaching about mental health individually or in groups. These types of nursing professionals are also trained to deal with crises intervention and case management.

Advanced practice registered nurses typically have master’s degrees in psychiatric or mental health nursing and take professional roles such as Nurse Practitioner or Clinical Nurse Specialist. Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing (PMHN) is considered a nursing specialty. Typically, a specialty is a major part of a master’s degree nursing program.

In addition to basic mental health nursing functions, and Advanced Practice Registered Nurse diagnoses, assesses and treats families and individuals that are suffering form disorders or problems having to do with mental or even social issues with a family or group.

Advanced mental health care professionals function in a wide range of roles, including educators, psychotherapists, consultants, case managers, and administrators. In many states APRNs also have the authority to prescribe medications and are allowed to practice mental and physical health treatment independently.

Web sites of Nursing Licensing Boards of Selected Countries:

If you want to work overseas as a nurse you really need to do your research first and you’ll need to be motivated as well! Here are some excellent sites to start with:
Irish Nursing Board (An Bord Altranais)
Nursing Council of New Zealand
Singapore Nursing Board
Australian Nursing Council
South African Nursing Council

Quick Facts: Florence Nightingale Founder Of Nursing

Before modern times, nuns and the military often provided nursing services. Evidence of the religious and military roots of modern nursing remain today. In Britain, senior female nurses are still known as "Sisters".

In recent times, the United States and Canada still have many nurses flowing back into working in religious fields through "Parish Nursing".

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